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You might not know that The New Food Economy is an independent, non-profit newsroom. That means we don’t sell advertising space or paywall our content to fund the work we do. It also means that reader support powers our storytelling.

As we investigate the many unseen forces shaping how and what America eats, we want you, our readers, to choose the coverage that matters most to you.

And since we’re talking about choices … Supporting independent, insightful, accurate journalism is one of the most important choices you can make right now.

We’re eligible for a matching gift opportunity from NewsMatch, a national call-to-action that supports non-profit journalism like ours. Through December 31, NewsMatch will match your new monthly donation 12x or double your one-time gift,  up to $1,000.

The New Food Economy can earn up to $25,000 in matching dollars, which means we can raise $50,000 in total during this campaign.

If today’s mediascape were a buffet, we know you’d have infinite choices. At the same time, consider this: Your media diet matters more than it ever has.

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