Query intel for the curious freelancer

Pitches can be emailed to [email protected]

  • We currently only accept pitches of domestic stories. But if you have an international story with a U.S. peg, we’re listening
  • Please include a couple of published clips with your query
  • We cover the how—not the what—of food. Don’t tell us something is happening (vertical farming! insect protein!) Tell us why it is or isn’t working, what problems it aims to fix (or better, what problems it inadvertently causes) or how it can get readers to think about food in a new way
  • We’re not into trends. But we are into what happens in the supply chain because of trends (new demands, funding and business models, need for infrastructure—you get the idea)
  • We’re happy to hear about big food fails—we like them even better than big food successes. We want real stories about the real perils of working in the “good food” trenches. No false cheer, here, or lifestyle stories, please
  • We’re particularly interested in new business and funding models, food safety, nutrition, economics, policy and the great, wide-open middle of the food supply chain: everything that happens between farm and fork
  • Regional coverage of special interest. Particularly the South (especially AR, AL, MS, LA), Northwest: ID, MT, and Southwest: NM, AZ, UT
  • Bottom line: Think of food as the central character in a larger story about money, power, politics, or culture